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Did you know India also accounts for 36.6 per cent of suicides globally, and that suicide has surpassed maternal mortality as the leading cause of death among women and teenage girls aged 15-19 years? 


Our Projects will involve one month live project (based on the student’s area of interest)


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Hello, my name is Tanisha Mayekar. I have completed my Post Graduation in Psychology(Clinical), from SN DTWU in 2021. I joined a 3 months internship from October 2021 at GMHA. It was an interesting Journey of 3 months, where we were taught various topics ranging from emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, Roleplays of how a counselling session works, as well various other Topics.
Tanisha Mayekar
I joined GMHA about 5 months ago and it was one great learning ride. There were various sorts of assignments done which helped us to comprehend the information better. The mentors who taught and guided us throughout this internship were also very kind and helpful.
Divyansh Goel
I am Swastika Kane, a F. Y. Mass Communication student. I did my Higher Secondary education in Pune. I came to know of Global Mental Health Association’s Internship from my Junior College WhatsApp group. Being always interested in learning Psychology, I thought of joining it. Most importantly, the biggest change this internship brought in me was ‘sleeping on my mistakes’. I am someone who gets triggered easily. But the difference now is that after every argument, I have started re-thinking and finding my mistakes. I have started talking to myself more, started loving myself and accepting myself the way I am.
Swastika Kane
I applied for this internship as I was really interested in psychology but I thought this was going to be just another boring internship where I'll have to do minimal repetitive tasks but, this internship ended up giving me an insight on my own emotions. This was unexpected as I thought I knew myself well enough already but the small emotional discoveries I keep making everyday is what makes this internship so exciting. The teachers are very kind and understanding and are willing to make changes when asked. The tasks aren't repetitive and we get something new every meeting.
Spoorty Reddy

GMHA is partnering with Unified Brain Health Care ( to assist people reach out and seek professional help from qualified mental health professionals when they need it. Unified Brain Health Care is an integrated rehabilitation centre based in Chennai focusing on Neurorehabilitation, Holistic Brain Health and Emotional Well-Being . It was founded and is headed by Dr. Porrselvi A.P. We value our timely response, ethical integrity and our collective expertise.

GMHA is partnering with Mental Health Change UK, ( and are committed to changing the provision of mental health care. We all have our own stories which help us drive our  convictions.